In today’s society we still have not adapted to change. We still haven’t adapted to accepting people as they are. Not everyone is judgemental, but there is much hate in this world. No one can deny that it doesn’t exist; its all over the media daily.

States are fighting over what is right and wrong. We resort to creating laws that further discriminate and prevent change. We allow bullying to continue because we don’t address the issue full on. We go to war with those we should work together with. We betray others just to have the advantage. We change ourselves just to be accepted.

I say “WE” because when we don’t stand together to stop this foolery that is drowning our society, we just further allow it to happen more and more. I personally, am so tired of it. So tired of seeing things that could have been prevented if more people just spoke up or stepped in. This blog is called SPEAK because it represents using your voice.

As a society we say there is freedom of speech, but yet who is really listening to what we say? We have created this dilemma where people are afraid to SPEAK their minds. Our society has come to believe the use of violence is the way to solve problems instead of using their voice. Or we have become to believe that if speak it will make us look bad because others don’t agree.

How many people suffer through anxiety, depression, abuse, or even bullying in silence? It affects so many out there. Many even deny they have issues in their lives because they are afraid. They are afraid of being judged. I have heard comments in my life such as, “It’s your own fault,” or “You have no reason to feel that way.” Those who suffer tend to hide how they feel because society still looks at it as a weakness.

How many teens deal with bullying in their lives? Many do daily; even I experienced bullying as a child. As an adult it has affected my self image. It’s not easy to break free from the thoughts of how you look, how much you weigh, etc. Our society has only begun to embrace people of every size, etc. Unfortunately, there is still a lot of promotion by companies of what the perfect body is or what the ideal woman or man should look like. Instead of advertising what the product is on the average person, we advertise what you need to look like to wear or have that item.

The newest debate is transgender though. I know I can happily accept anyone as they want to be. Unfortunately, not everyone shares my point of view and that’s OK. Ponder this though, “does it really matter whether someone who was born a different sex wants to change that?” I know the whole bathroom debate has become an issue. The problem with telling those that were say born a male, but now dress female that they have to still use that male restroom is conflicting to both parties. If more businesses invested in having single person bathrooms, this would solve that issue. We argue over an issue instead of coming up with a plan to help solve it.

So after just a few examples, tell me, what happened to just being ourselves? When are we going to learn to get along? When are we going to finally accept everyone as equals no matter their race, sex, gender, etc? Tell me, because I am still not seeing it. Our society doesn’t speak with our hearts anymore.


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